1: Spawn NE Highlands Ragnarok

2: Follow river and get crystal for spyglass and some rockarrot(it grows wild here)

3: Use spyglass to look for more rockarrot and a decent level equus

4: Make sure there is no Allos or Gigas around

5: Sprint from behind your chosen Equus, and quickly mash E twice(Make sure rockarrot is actually in your last hot bar slot!

6: There is not point in looking anywhere except in the bottom right, you can’t control where it goes so concentrate on getting it tamed. If it is going to take you somewhere dangerous and you don’t want to risk it then you can always jump off manually.

An absolutely perfect first tame for Ragnarok for very little effort. Gathers berries, fast and good stamina drain, it’s buck attack with some points in melee(helps berry gathering also!) will suffice for knocking out many different dinos(I actually use it to hunt). Once you hit about 500% melee you can stop, then it’s probably best to level some health/weight.

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