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My equus called Carrot Cake is having a REALLY bad day xD I just tamed him today , I made him a pretty saddle and rode him everywhere. I am on mobile , so there's the best glitch known to man. My equus has died 3 times today lol but the glitch is that on mobile it only saves every 10-15 mins. Every time he died I left the game before it saved , now he is zombie equus x3 lol. I took my argy and picked him up an flew him to redwoods , I made him a little tree platform base with metal walls and covered with spikes at the bottom for any glitchy dilo that trys to spit on him from super far down lol...Here's a little poem...

First was a theri!

Yikes so scary!

Second was a spino!

That had me cryn - o!

Third was 4 birds! (Terror Birds)

I've run out of words!

Don't Worry! Carrot Cake Is Safe!

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