So iv got 3 equus now but i went though an encounter no one has mentioned. Someone was trying to tame a equus lvl 120 but they messed up a few times and didnt want the equus anymore for the bonus lvls was depleted for the most part and it was taking awhile with carrots. So a friend of mine on the server and i went to go get it and tame it but it wouldnt prompt the e feed or ride. We left and came but still nothing so my idea was force tame it to tranq it. Found out crossbow does to much damage almost killed it so we waited for it to heal and used darts that worked great but took a lot of them. So be aware for ppl on pvp servers they cant steal jump on the equus if you already have the only way for them to take it is to tanq it. Need to do some more testing to see about other methods.

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