A world of dinosaurs chapter 10 unfamiliar

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A world of dinosaurs chapter 10 unfamiliar

Snow looked around him he shook his head the dragon was gone. Then he heard a whisper that was so faint it sounded like the skittering of a computer. Then the ground started sloping down. Then the ground began to crumble and crack. Bard jump! Screamed snow. Iโ€™m coming. Bard jumped landed on a rock in the middle of the ravine. And jumped and then the ground crumbled and then he grabbed on a bone but the vine grew spikes. Snow!

The ground was still trembling and then the ground caved in. Then a spike jutted out of the wall. Snow scrabbled onto the spike. Then a vine came snaking toward him. Then snow bit onto the vine then the vine grew spikes and snow started itching. Part of his fur started turning green. Then snow remembered the riddle and he noticed the three tunnels and jumped off the spike and into the middle tunnel. His fur turned back from green and he sawโ€ฆ

Bard was grasping on the side of the third tunnel. He pulled himself up and jumped.

Hope you guys like it. I really hope you guys read my story.

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