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Forget using tames to bait one of these, if you’re on Gen2 just use your tek suit to swim, else use scuba gear using cactus broth (so only the eel goes for you).

This method is probably the easiest way to take one of these and requires next to no mats except a dino to get you there:

1. Make a wooden cage

2. Place it underwater

3. Kite the electro and swim over and on the opposite side if the cage so the eel is following you but swims directly into the open cage

4. Close the cage door

5. Float anywhere where you see the taming bar and not ‘open’

6. Chill out and enjoy your new electro

I did this on gen2 and the eel can not break the cage, easy tame, up this so everyone can see.

Good luck 😁

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