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Tame with biotoxin, it's realmente easy to get:).

(Tested in mobile)

1: find some Cnidaria, they spawn near the shore. (The glowing jellyfish, if you don't know how they look)

2: get in the water, then go out. they won't move for some seconds, but they will get closer to you. Do this until they get near the shore, where they can't get you.

3: kill them; DON'T GET TO CLOSER. They can shock you, and you won't move for some seconds. Normally they spawn in groups of 3.

4: farm the biotoxin, you can get around 13 from every corpse.

Idk if this can be also done in pc or console. Hope this helps!, up for more players to see it^^

(sorry for bad spelling, english it's not my first language)

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