One time me and my 2 other tribe mates went into the underwater cave on the Island where the Artifact of The Brute is acquired for the first time - Coordinates to the entrance are lat: 53.7, lon: 10.4.

We went on Dire Bears which are slow in water so I don't recommend it. Seriously. Our bears were bred beasts though and we chose Dire Bears because they had 1000+ weight each and therefore fit the criteria of our mission which was to break into some server raiders hidden vault at the end of the cave. Going through the cave to reach the vault we encountered passive creatures and coel etc.

Little did we know this cave could spawn Eels everywhere on our exit after breaking the vault - which was empty to add to the sadness - however and my tribe mates proceeded to be the first victims to be paralysed off of their bears. Our bears were slain because they couldn't attack back and neither could we as we were knocked the f*ck out. Eels are not to be messed with. They ruin friendships. ?

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