Not gonna lie, I kinda hate these things.

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Not gonna lie, I kinda hate these things. So, story time! I went in South Cave (Hunter Artifact), going in with my pack of raptors, iguanodon with 10k hp, low level baryonyx, a thyla, and a saber kitty. I found a rainbow dung beetle and tamed it with my baryonyx’s poop, and put it in a cryopod. I had one cryo left. My tribemate and I both had feelings of impending doom relating to Oreo, (baryonyx), but me being me, decided to brush it off since I’ve done this cave a million times before. After we demolished the cave, I decided to hop onto Oreo and jump into the water for the loot crate. YEAH, NO. DO NOT GO IN THE WATER ON A LEVEL 47 BARYONYX WHEN THERES QUINTILLION MAX LEVEL PIRANHA AND SARCOS FOR A JOURNEYMAN STONE PICKAXE AND A WOODEN DOOR BLUEPRINT! After we got home sobbing, we both named the beetle Utter Mistake and threw it at the megalodon in our swimming pool. RIP OREO, and don’t sacrifice one of your favorite tames for a poop eater!

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