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Boys the new method is to have 5 theriz atleast 3 manas and 2 megaloceros (Male) with 90 plus armor saddles. 20-25 cakes on all the herbivores. One megalocero goes under the dragon, the other one is for backup and the megalocero will keep the dragon distracted and will barely take any dmg. Both megalocero riders along with the theri riders have above 240 dmg pumps and the Mana riders just use their freeze attack. Everyone should have 2 sets of flak atleast. Calien soup. Btw you can shoot the dragon while on the back of the megaloceros. We had 6-7k hp on the megaloceros and put points in some weight. When the megaloceros has the dragon semi-trapped the theri riders can jump off and pump. Sometimes the megalocero rider will have the dimorphodons on it so run up to it even if it has the dragon on it you can kill them with the theri. GL Jan 2019 method I used.

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