Flames of Hope

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Flames of Hope

(Hopefully this book title will hold)

Chapter five

As zohakuten woke up for his nap he saw petal next to him, as he stretched his wings he asked petal “why are you here don’t you have something to do?” “No not really you?” Petal said, stretching her wing two buds(no she is not a silk wing) “anyways ima leave you alone now” said petal walking off. Zohakuten always wondered why she wasn’t scared of him he knew she was blind but wasn’t the aura/presence enough? But he left his den to go hunting by himself. Hours later, he finally found a enormous big, he easily killed it, he picked up the dead big and dragged it back to camp since I he wasn’t far from camp, after he dropped the pig off when he got back from hunting he heard a voice but it wasn’t petal…

See y’all on the next chapter, and hopefully you like the book title


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