If your attempting this solo and have the tames, using 10 deinonychus from valguero, 9 meglosaurus preferably aberration ones but normal ones can get the job done to and one Yuty can beat it on any difficulty, do it at night to get to boost for the meglo’s, i used around 20k health for the meglos and the rest into damage and around 10k health for the feather raptors and the rest into damage, all with saddles, ascendant if possible but primitive can work to, wait for the dragon to land then as it gets closer whistle attack and hopefully the dragon should aggro onto the player, so you basically want to be close enough for aggro but far enough away so it’s fire can’t hit you and it’ll look like it’s walking in place while your tames keep it still and shred it, sometimes it doesn’t aggro right away but you can get aggro and pull back, repeat the process, keep an eye on your health and med brew up when needed and you should have it dead in no time, hope this helps anyone attempting it :)

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