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When the land was soaked with noobs and tears..

The dragons will come.

When the war had lasted all of ARK's years..

The dragons will come.

Find the spino egg in deepest blue,

Wings of wyvern will come to you.

The largest egg in the mountain high,

Will give you a giga's word for sky.

Dug deep in the mud,

A rexy egg the color of dragon blood,

And hidden alone from the rival snails,

The titanosaur egg is waiting to be revealed.

Three bosses who blister, blaze and burn-

The others will die as it's the dragpn's turn,

His destiny is to be stronger and higher,

He has the power of Noobs On Fire.

Five eggs to hatch on the hottest night,

Five eggs for the humans to down their might,

The dragon is coming.

Face your fate.

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