These things are actually easy to tame! First, Let's pack some things.

- Large bear traps (If possible)

-Tranq arrows (Bring at least 20 or more, You can replace arrows with darts or shocking darts)

-Narotics or biotoxins (Bring 50 or more of them)

-Taming foods (Preferred kibble is Dilophosaurus kibble or Regular Kibble. If using berries bring at least 100 if not using sooting balm, Recommended with sooting balm to tame.)

-Argentavis with saddle (Optional)

Taming without Argy (Argentavis):

First, find one of these animals.

Then place the large bear trap down and get it to aggro on you.

After it gets trapped, shoot the head, don't shoot the body because it has a protective layer of shell that could lead to many tranq arrows wasted.

After it's knock out, Give it its preferred kibbles or berries,Using sooting balm can decrease the time needed to tame. Remember to keep an eye on its torpor, Feed narotics or biotoxins if necessary and protect it while it's being tamed.

Wait for a while, then you'll get one of these! Ride it if you have the saddle, or just bring it base and goodluck keeping it safe on the way to your base!

Taming with Argy:

First, build a taming pen with a material which doedicurus can't damage.

Then, Find one of them and pick them up with your argy and fly back to your taming pen and drop it.

Then, Shoot its heady and not the body like I've mentioned before.

When it's knocked out, Feed it its preferred kibble or berries, sooting balm is recommended like I've mentioned.

Wait for a while, You'll get it soon. Remember to keep an eye on its torpor too and feed it narotics or biotoxins if necessary! Bring it to your base with your argy if you want.

Thanks 😊

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