Here are some useful tips if you're planning to tame one.

1=} Don't go for that one who aalready. It will roll into a ball and after that you can't do anything.

2=}Find a fresh Doedicurus. Wait for at least 3 sec before next hit.

3=}They can be found in redwood forest after a quiet search.

4=} You should have at least 6 wooden spiked walls, before start.

5=}Carry at least 2 Bow (or it's repairing stuff) if you're taming more that 50 lvl.

6=}Try to use bio toxin (can be obtain from Jelly Fish) instead of narcotics, it will take less than narcotics and also increase torpor more than that.

7=}Use Crops instead of berries to tame faster.

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