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1. Get bow/tool you use with darts and Tranq arrows/darts

2. Eat your pierogees (potatoes if u have them)

3. Find one in the mountains (it’s REALLY hard)

4. Knock out time

5. Put stuff in its inventory

6. Get some bio toxins (or narcotics, or mushroom-arrow things)

7. Wait

8. Wait

9. Wait again

10. Pray to Jayfeather and Jesus that u don’t die here

11. Beg to the man across the street for some potatoes

12. Wait

13. Finally! It’s up!

14. Give it a good name

15. Get a saddle

16. Get inf. Stone

I hope u up this tip

—Jayfeather (Owner of dead Sarco I and Raptorsaurus II in Cnidaria section. Also the owner of Triceratops level die! And the dossier)

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