Where to find them:

In ark mobile Dodecirus can be found in large numbers at the redwood forests at the top left of the map or the mountains.

Taming details:

Dodecirus are knockout tames and they eat berries


They have armour on the top where they take less torpor so shoot their underside and if you damage it to much it will curl into a ball and it will be hard to knock them out and if you hit a Dodecirus all nearby Dodecirus will attack you


Dodecirus are slow so you dont need a mount to outrun them and you wont need a trap because it might not catch up to you.

Abilities when tamed:

Dodecirus will turn into a ball and roll really fast also they can destroy rocks,bushes and trees and gather their resources and they have a weight reduction on stone abd the saddle is unlocked at level 34 and made in the smithy.

Liam Sameer

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