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If you simply just don’t feel like going all the way to the south cave for your dug beetles or well any cave just use these! First get four stone battlements and make a square anywhere near your base with guards (depending on your area) personally I recommend mammoths and tamed ones. Next take any of your birds and go around on beaches pluck a dodo and bring it back and drop it in. Keep doing this until you can’t find any more. Then make a staircase with wooden ramps up to it up and down. Then make a door and walls and all that at the bottom of it inside the cage. Then you can go in and out without constantly having to get on your bird and worry about things getting in or out other than pteranodon sand other fliers. Argies are really all you need to worry about there. Next because wild animal shit lasts longer you can walk in take their shit and eggs I usually take females because two times the use both food and fertilizer and then boom poop slash fertilizer fiesta for u! U get it.

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