The complete Dodo guide


First find on the beaches,then knockout with fists and feed basic kibble or mejoberries and they will become your warrior.


They can be used as a house pet or u could make a Dodo pen and make a kibble farm with these guys, they drop extra small eggs so the only kibble u can make is basic kibble the ingredients are

X1 extra small egg(Dodo egg in this case)

X5 mejoberries

X10 amarberries

X10 tintoberries

X1 cooked meat

X 5 fiber

X1 Water

For one kibble each kibble takes 30 seconds to make and tame these creatures Dodo, Dilo, Kairuku, mesopitechus, Tek and normal parasaur, and phiomia.Next guide is on raptor and see you on the next guide,-Angelbeanz

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