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So, You loneli Human and need fwend.

You wak in big sand water area called Beach and find ... A FWEND BIRD!!!!

(Evolves from Monkey to Normal Human)

So tame a do- wait They have a dodo emoji?!?!

I mean... to tame a dodo you should first find one

They are very commonly found on beaches, once you find a dodo go to it and start punching it till it is unconscious

But be careful to not kill it.

Now feed it berries.Any type but Mejoberries are the best

Also don't waste Kibble on this because...

You will find out in your next journey.

Also Force feed it Narcoberries once in a while

And boom!

You have tamed a dodo 🦤

My next tip is on your next tame you need


My next one is one the Spino then I will do one on the Argentavis,then Lystro

- GuyNamedBob.

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