The things you need to tame a dodo

1) Flyer (recommending an argy).

2)4-5 dinosaur metal gateways.

31-2 large bear traps.

4)10x soothing balm if your playing on mobile.

5) Your KO weapon (most recommended are ascendant longneck rifle or ascendant crossbow).

6) Your KO ammo (bring a decent amount).

7) Taming food of your choice (most recommended is raw prime meat or kibble if you can).

8) Decent amount of narcotics or bio toxin.

FIND DODO: dodo usually spawn on beaches.

SET YOUR TRAP: take 3 of your metal gateways and make this shape _ then put a large bear trap or 2 in the middle. It's easier if you build the trap on flat ground.

TRAP THE DODO: get the dodo to follow you and make it go inside the trap, then make sure it's caught in the bear trap. When it's stuck in the bear trap go behind it and complete the trap with another gateway. The final shape of the trap looks like a Trapezoidal.

KO THE DODO: even a low level giga has a lot of torpor and it drops fast so keep shooting no matter what. It's recommended for a tribe-mate to help you.

START FEEDING: put the food in the dodo inventory and keep an eye on it's torpor.

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