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I recommend breeding these guys for size as soon as possible. They unlock cool new abilities as they get bigger!

Size 1.55: now drops dodo feathers off its back, used for crafting items like sail plume, dodo decimater, and dodo cultivator

Size 3.00: you can now ride them without saddles, and equip dodo decimater and dodo cultivator.

How to breed for size:

Select biggest male and biggest female dodo

Build a 1x1 pen (doesn’t need roof)

Put the dodos in the pen

Enable wandering on both dodos (tap skull icon in top left corner)


Pick up fertile dodo egg

Make campfires (at least 2)

Fuel campfires (at least 20 fuel per fire)

Light campfires

Drop egg next to (not on) campfires

Wait for egg to hatch

Claim baby (skull Icon)

Feed baby (they eat a lot)

Wait for baby to grow up

The new dodo will be anywhere in between his parents sizes, most likely on the edge, with slight variation (size 1.00 and size 1.50 would have a baby of size range 0.95-1.55, most likely bigger than both parents)

Other breeding facts:

Mating bar: at 100%, a fertile egg will be laid

Maturation bar: at 100% it will progress to next stage of growth. (Baby, juvenile, adolescent, adult)

Imprinting bar: increases strength when working for you (whistling, riding)

Wants ____ in __:__ giving it what it wants increases imprinting

Fun fact: did you know, you can get twins and triplets from eggs? The chances of this happening vary by species.

Hope you find this helpful!


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