Types of dodos.

Dodos are most dangerous creatures, but only bosses and alphas. How to recognise them?

Normal dodo: usually have under 100 hp and is very small; not dangerous

Giga trap dodo: normal dodo, tamed by endgame player. Giga kill you

Giant dodo: a rideable version from dungeons

C4 dodo: have a C4 charge. Can kill you in one hit

Alpha dodo: very dangerous have a red light around body, 500hp and 50 demage per hit

Dodobitus: dungeon boss, 80,000 hp and 1/0 Damage, means instant kill unless your health.

Dodorex: super fast, breath fire, 666,666 hp and 666 damage per hit

Dodo wyvern: flying Dodorex

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