Do not try to tame.

They are not lame.

Dodos can come in packs of 2 or more,

But that's enough to chase you across the moor.

If you somehow succeed in the task,

You'll have to wear a suit and mask,

They emit a deadly toxin,

And claw you until you're boxin'.

Strap a c4 to their beaks,

Throw them over all the peaks,

They'll survive,

Though you won't be alive.

Earning the trust,

Impossible and I must.

Sometimes you can find them roaming the islands and trees,

They'll topple you in the slightest breeze.

Beak is the hardest material,

Pecks you 'till your gone.

Feathers are sharp like a thorn,

But more poisonous than a snake's fangs,

Destroy your crops and corn,

Just to eat the horn of a unicorn to tame.

Beware of the deadly creature

Because you'll be it's next torture feature.

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