Ok guys I love dodos they are so easy to tame I love watching them follow me around. The best thing about the dodo is that they have very nutritional (and easy to get) eggs that can heal u and give you energy. So I made a dodo egg farm. To make a egg farm is simple. Tame 3-5 female dodos to start. Make a pen of any shape and size, a small to medium farm doesn’t need a lot of space just make it secure. Once the dodos are situated in there pen put 2 or 3 berries in each of their innovatory so you can go awhile with out checking them. Let them wander in their pen and soon your girls will start laying eggs for you to eat. Only put a male in the pen if you want him to fertilize the eggs so they hatch. I usually put all the females in the pens then take the males out to hunt or gather with me. If you disable wandering and don’t go to fast your males won’t get lost. I hope this was helpful.πŸ™‚

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