Noob: oh look a dodo I wanna tame it

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Noob: oh look a dodo I wanna tame it

A second later

Noob: I tamed it! Hey mr pro can you tame a dodo also?

Pro: yes why

Noob: I wanna see you tame it

Pro: ok -pro punches a dodo- oh flip itโ€™s a lvl 1 dodo

(Pro dies one shotted by dodo lvl 1)

Noob: haha watch me tame the dodo you got one shotted by

(Noob tames dodo)

Pro: whaaaaaat! How you tame such a weak creature that can one shot a pro

Noob: easy just punch it

Pro: can I try again

Noob: yes

-pro dies to another dodo-


Noob: Iโ€™m the new alpha! With my dodo army we will be unstoppable but first let me see if another pro can tame a dodo

The other pro: I can tame dodos there ez ez ez ez ez ez

-the other pro dies to dodo lvl 1-

Other pro: flip

Other pro: let me try again

-other pro was killed by dodo lvl 1-

Other pro: one last try -pro takes out rifle instead- die you dum dodos!

Other pro was killed by a lvl 1 dodo

Other pro: I will kill that dodo but first let me get on the cliff to kill him

Dodo: that wonโ€™t stop me from getting you! Dodo tribe call the Air Force

Argentavis: Air Force coming on the way

Noob: hahahahaha you dum pro you made them mad

Other pro: whatโ€™s ganna happen to me

Pro from earlier: some thing bad

Pro 2 aka the other pro: like what

Pro 1: your ganna die

Argentavis: attack! -1000 Argys attack pro 2-

Pro 2: flip

Pro 2 has been killed by a argentavis air force member

Pro 1: Iโ€™ll kill those args for you

Argentavis: we need back up send in the military

Terror bird: on our way

Argentavis: come help fight with us dodos

All dodos: ok

Terror bird: we have arrived

Noob: Iโ€™ll help yโ€™all fight the pros

All dodos: ok

Pro 1: yo tribe mates get over here

Pro 2: my tribe get over here infact the whole server get over here

Terror bird: I think we might need to bring in the marines

Dodo: ok call the marines

terror bird: we need back up send in the marines

Peligornis: on our way

Pro 1 and 2: is every body in the server here

Server: yes

Pro 1: we are at war with the dodos we will attack now! Sharpen your swords and pikes load you guns get on your gigas!

Noob: every dodo lover come help out Iโ€™m on the dodos team

All dodo lovers: ok

the peligornases and dodo lovers: we are here

Noob: charge! -dodo military forces charge at the pros-

The field fills with blood the rivers turn red and dead bodyโ€™s every where

The dodo military was winning and finally the last survivors where about to die and those survivors where pro 1 and 2 then the terror birds started flapping there wings in the air and started gliding and swooped in and killed the pros and the dodo military and dodo lovers won the war the dodo lovers and dodo military are now the alphas make the button facing up green for more of the dodo war made by the boss man and my server is volcano easy mode

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