When the world grows dark episode one season one

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When the world grows dark episode one season one

Randall was getting ready to tame a mammoth and so he got berrys and meat just in case he needs to kill the dire wolfs he would tame one on the way on his pt he spotted a argy and said wow a argy he forgot about taming a mammoth and dire wolf and wanted to tame the argy and it was a good thing he had tranqs and narcs just in case he tranqed the argy out and he fed the argy meat when a dire wolf came and killed it then a red killed his pt he was stuck in the snow so he found another argy that was white as snow though tranqed it out killed some dire wolfs for meat and feeds the argy and he gets all the stuff for a argy saddle and crafts the saddle and when it’s tamed he put on the saddle and revenged his pt by killing the rex and killed the dire wolfs who killed the argy he was ganna tame and flew home...

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