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A day interviewing Dinos: dodo

The dodo, sometimes called "the ancient chicken" was a animal that first appeared in 1507 and went extinct in 1681. One of the most popular quotes for the dodo is "Dodo Tossing, Sport of Champions!" You can tame them with plants and kibble, you can't ride them, but they can ride you on your shoulder and dodos are breed-able. They are found in the beach, hill, and forest biome. Dodos are an easy food source for players and dinosaurs. In Ark Survival Mobile, they will occasionally attack if they are attacked or their egg is stolen. Dodos occasionally get stuck on driftwood on the beach. Dodos have a big variety of colors, they have 20 colors that can be found on their body, 6 on their face, 10 on their beak, 10 on their forehead, neck and feet, 21 on their head, and 11 on their wings. In mobile, they drop a dodo trophy, and a dodo feather if the dodo is size 1.56x or bigger. In primitive, they drop fresh poultry, hide, and feathers, in the other versions, they drop raw meat and hide. The best places to find dodos are on the beach, the second best in the forest, and third, the hills of the island. The fastest food to tame a dodo is with one basic kibble, for a level one it takes 22 seconds, all other food options take 48 seconds or more. To tame a level 30, it takes one basic kibble and it takes 22 seconds. A 60 requires 2 of them and it will take 43 seconds. A 90 requires 2 basic kibble and it will take 43 seconds. A 120 takes 2 of the basic and will take 43 seconds. And 150 will take 3 basic kibble and that will take 1 minute and 4 seconds. A dodo's peck deals 5 damage. Hitting a dodo on the head will do triple the damage than the body, causing the dodo to be killed quickly. To kill dodos use a spear, a hit on the head is a one hit kill. Anything as strong or as stronger as a triceratops can kill a dodo in one hit. I recommend not using your spears. A dodo wouldn't be considered a threat. It's predators are the apex predators, dimetrodon, archaeopteryx, lunar biome creatures, amphibious creatures, compies, bosses, and corrupted creatures. A dodo is a worthy tame, they can provide easier gameplay further on in the game than other people who don't have at least one dodo. Some tribes have dodo farms. A dodo farm is when players put their tamed dodos into an enclosed area, then collect their eggs. Another way to get wild dodo eggs is to make a open roofed pen wood quality and above, collect as many females as possible (one male can speed up the process), then drop a tamed oviraptor in the pen that's set to wander. A good way to get a oviraptor is to steal their eggs when both the female and male aren't watching. Dodos are a easy way to get hide for beginners. A C4 can be attached to dodos, that are set to wander, and their air drop it into a enemy tribe's base. Dodos move very fast in the water compared to other land creatures. Setting a dodo to aggressive outside your base makes a good alarm. Dodos are a easy distraction when there is a carnivore outside your base. Dodos can hold a decent amount of items in their inventory, making them living storage. In ARK: Fear Evolved, there is a zombie variant of the dodo that will attack the player. Dodos size 0.8x and smaller cannot be mounted on the player's shoulder. Dodos size 2.4x size and bigger can be ridden. The max dodo size is 3.5x.

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