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Dodorex And Dodowyvern Slaying Mission P4:

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Dodorex And Dodowyvern Slaying Mission P4:

We were searching for the Dodowyvern and my Managarmr but then my phoenix got stuck on a rock so i used the "Fly" command to free myself and then "Walk" and that was a big mistake, my phoenix started getting fall damage everytime it touched the floor and then died (F in the chat for Happyus Prime [yeah, even weirder names]) i got on my Managarmr and my friend on a deinonychus, we were dealing lots of damage but the deinonychus was losing lots of health and eventually my friend switched to another deinonychus, everything was going on like before but this time the Deinonychus died so he pulled out the other Deinonychus from before that after me continuosly protecting the Deinonychus everytime my friend died i couldn't protect him anymore and since there was a storm i couldn't put the Deinonychus on a cryopod so it died and then the time for the Dodowyvern to flee was gonna come but when it came the Dodowyvern was still there. (Next is P5)

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