Dodorex And Dodowyvern Slaying Mission P3:

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Dodorex And Dodowyvern Slaying Mission P3:

We went to Scorched Earth to hunt down the Dodowyvern and eventually we found it and I started on a Lightning Wyvern while my friend on the same exact Poison Wyvern he used against the Dodorex while i was doing pretty good my friend was getting killed multiple times by the DodoWyvern's poison breath so his Poison Wyvern continuously risked to die and while i switched to my phoenix and realizing that the phoenix was useless against the Dodowyvern the Poison Wyvern, Wuhanyvern (yeah, weird names) died so i gave my friend my own Phoenix and i was on my Managarmr, i got killed by the Poison breath of the Dodowyvern so since i was the host of the non dedicated session my friend got teleported home, so i started using my argy then me and my friend switched and i was on the phoenix (next is P4)

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