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Dodorex And Dodowyvern Slaying Mission P2:

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Dodorex And Dodowyvern Slaying Mission P2:

While we were doing lots of damage my friend wanted to throw out another deinonychus from his cryopods but he forgot about cryo cooldown and that deinonychus got cryo sickness so he thrown out his ice wyvern forgetting again about cryo cooldown and the ice wyvern had cryo sickness too and while he did that i switched to my fire wyvern and accidentally aggroed the dodorex on the ice wyvern and there goes Lord Frieza (F in chat) so my friend used his main deinonychus to kill the dodorex by running around it and i was coming with my deinonychus but the dodorex was slain by Swiffer, my friend's main deinonychus and that was our first time so we were glad about that but nothing we knew about what was gonna be fighting the Dodowyvern... (Next on P3)

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