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This is a VERY aggressive creature. If you spot this creature it will mean imminent death unless you praise it’s greatness. If you don’t praise it, it will take all your items and delete your character. To tame this creature, you will need tek gear. Ecpesally the tek helmet. Without the helmet, your eyes will melt if you look at it. You need to knock it out with socking tranq darts. You will need 1000 of them. If you manage to knock it out it will need the alpha kibble. To make alpha kibble you need 100000000 of all kibble variations. When you tame this creature, you will have achieved infinite power. You can break tek like a tooth pick. If you extract blood from 5 of these things with a blood extraction syrenge, you can put it in 1 dodo and create the omega dodo. You can emediently wipe your server and get amazing loot.

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