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Night Assasin as a newb

Me: Come back Mr. dodo I want to tame you. Oops I killed it. Bro how do I tame dinos?

Bro: Lol you’ve seen me tame try punching it next time

Me: Ok

(27 dodos later)

Me: I did it I tamed a dodo

(Six months later)

Dodo: So why The Night Assasin? Do you attack at night?

Me: No the Dark Assasin was already taken

Dodo: Oh ok sounds good to me. I’m being tamed by The Night Assassin to be her loyal companion.

Me: There all done. I here by name you Dum-Dum.

Dodo: Well that’s not the worst of names. Wait wait wait why the knife?

Me: Oh I’m afraid I have to kill you. I just needed the goal.

Dodo: I shall be remembered as her loyal companion for a second.

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