A warriors Hope

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A warriors Hope


Hope ran through the woods. She pounced, She brought her head up..she caught a rabbit! “Yes!” Hope said before walking back home. But she saw something….a big black Figure.. ‘no no no a wolf’ she thought before breaking into a run. SNAP! she stepped on a stick. The wolf, known as warrior brought his head up, Stared into her eyes and ran. About 15 minutes later she arrived home and crouched into the hole. She was greeted by a hug from her father, a kiss from her mother, more hugs from her littermates, and little kisses on her ankles from her little siblings. When mother had her litter, she had 6 kits but when she had her little siblings she only had 3 kits so they called them the littles, Marky, Marcie, and Mariah. She smiled and hugged them all back, put the rabbit on the makeshift wooden table so everyone could eat. “Mom, keep the littles inside..I saw a wolf so someone needs to come with me when I go hunting” hope said “alright just be careful..” her mother replied before sending them off to their shared rooms. Mom and dad slept in the big room along with the littles. Her litter all slept in the same room on makeshift leaf beds, her siblings names were courage🚹, star🚺, moon🚹, sunny🚺, and blu🚹. Before hope Went to sleep she thought about that wolf, the handsome regal wolf. But she felt something when he looked at her..something Important.


Warrior lived alone with his sister, fishy and his brother griffin. He ran home with 3 rabbits, he dropped them on the iron table as they all sat down and started to eat. “Fishy, Griffin.. I saw the most Beautiful Fox today…she was pure White with purple eyes…” warrior told his siblings “We are Forbidden to Mate with foxes warrior..” Griffin replied “Woah! She was Albino?” Fishy said (I forgot to mention that Hope was albino, Her whole Litter was except blu had blue eyes, Sunny and star had yellow eyes and moon had Grey eyes) “Yes and she was Soooo Pretty!” Warrior said “But Foxes are afraid of us..” Fishy said sadly “I know…But there was something about her..something That made me think she wasn’t afraid at all..” warrior replied “Warrior!! We are forbidden to mate with foxes!!” Griffin said again “We’ll maybe that has to change!!” Warrior said and walked into his room and fishy glared at griffin before following him. just like hope and her litter mate they all slept in the same room, Except there was only two beds so Warrior and his younger sister Fishy slept in one and Griffin slept in her other. As griffin walked in Fishy and Warrior were already asleep. Griffin layed down and went to sleep.

Sorry that’s the end of chapter one!! Hope you liked it!!! See what I did there? Hope? No body?… ok well hope y’all have a great day!!


Ps.. hope y’all know gtg at some chapters will involve some interesting interactions if yknow what I mean…

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