Chapter one of Leo’s story

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Chapter one of Leo’s story

Characters:Leo,lulu, or other litter mates, packmembers, and more!!!

Leo was sad, his parents went on a hunting trip

But it’s was raining and his parents were not home

His mom and dad arrived with Cassie and caleb

But Barkley the eldest pup wasn’t there he was confused, his mom came to him sadness lurking in every corner, nymeria, his mom said “ pups I’m sorry, Barkley is missing” she was already in tears Leo said “how??”he said in tears Sven his dad said” we were battling a trike and he ran off, frightened “ they all were crying as nymeria layed down and signaled her 8 pups to come to bed, they layer down in the crevice of her stomach and her tail wrapped around them warmly, as sven layed down in a moon shape like his mate nymeria,making a circle with their pups inside, then Caleb, Cassie, and Callie the survivors layed down protectively beside them and they all slept sadly, the

Pack slept soundless not knowing what has happened to Barkley, the alphas nephew…to be continued in Chapter 2 of LEO’S LIFE ❤️❤️❤️

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