Part 3 of Leo’s life

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Part 3 of Leo’s life

In the bunker

Everyone was frantic, he saw his mom and dad but before he could go to them,silence it was suddenly silent it the under ground bunker, there was booming like footsteps louder than thunder, something told him there was no thunder,his cousin ran down carrying as much prey as she could, everyone got deeper in the bunker they went to the bottom floor, more and more bloodied wolves came in with prey, they held new pups from the other packs and prey many many prey biggest prey was a argentavis and there were four of them and 8 different shadow manes,recently shadow died it saddens him to think of shadow,just then the last wolf came in and said it’s a giga, a whole group!! And they killed sunny!! They were saddened but then there was a quick whine of a wolf and then they knew their pack was getting smaller so they decided to wait it out..Leo went to his mom he asked “where is lulu?!?” He said Sven said “she’s fine she is with claw face” that night they had a sleep bundle where everyone in the pack covers the pups and humans for protection,warmth and to keep the pups and everyone feeling safe and sound

To be continued



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