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Hello people of ark I have a short Tip about the DireBear

This thing is a killer if tamed or not tamed

Breed this thing and u can use it in boss fights or in general pvp

A bear can beat a rex if bred good enough

U may want to get ur hands on one of these

Make a 4x2 taming pen with window frames 2 ramps then u lure the bear inside I recommend u use tranq darts arrows will kill it, but if u play prim+ u have no other choise

If u play primitive+ use arrows and when the bear is bloody and still attacking the walls drag a corpse of a Dino or player to it wait 5 seconds after it eats the corpse then shoot it with ur tranqs

If it’s unconscious u put mutton in its inventory since it tames better and same effect as kibble

After its tamed u can get fiber with it as well

Its also verry fast don’t put its lvls into speed only melee stam and hp

I hope u found this helpful if u did make sure to like it so more people notice it

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