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Saw a level 85 that I figured would be pretty beneficial, but knew the wait time would be agonizing, so I decided to go for my first knock-out tame with these sweethearts.

Don’t. Just. Don’t. I spent tranq darts, arrows, I even went into Creatuve Mode to cheat myself some shocking tranq darts just because I was desperate for SOMETHING to work. Idk how many I wasted but by the time I gave up going for a knock out I knew I would have long finished a passive tame. Just start feeding it and while waiting for that second feed time to initiate, get these sweeties stuck so they don’t chase or wander off and plan for something to do around your base. Set a timer based on however long you think it’ll take for them to get hungry after that first go, or better yet, just toggle ‘track tame’ and it’ll let you know when the taming progress begins to drop that it’s hungry. Gotta start all over now! Heh, I’ll consider it a bit of karma for trying the violent route for these impish yet vexatious giants.

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