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How to get a diplo:

Know that it is easiest to passive tame them, which means walking up to them and feeding them

Get a TON of berries, everytime you feed it, it will go up like 3-5%

Have a high speed, high attack flying dino, (high attack in case you "miss click")

HAVE PATIENCE, diplo's are a stubborn tame, they will push you playfully (hence the flying dino)

MAKE SURE there are no carnivores around, if there are carnies around it will attack it there is a chance of it dying, it will get rid of all your hard work, and most importantly, IT MAY DIE (R.I.P. attempted tame #1 + 2 😢)

Plz note I am not an "high level player" that has a giga, I am lvl 50, (51 at the time I wrote this, almost 52) so I am not that experienced, tho I am sorta, I don't know that much about the game

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