So I literally have a theri a spino and bronto but I don’t have the diplocaulus so I’m like I guess I’ll have to find one and honestly there are quite the needle in the haystack including in the swamps but only having a pretondon with low stamina It was the only choice looking through the swamp a bit I finally found one and he is quite the looker he’s mostly black with neon blue detailing so I picked him up and flew him to my base which we did have to make a few stops because once again low stamina and I live on herbivore and if you did what I did I do recommend landing facing the water because the diplocaulus with go the opposite direction and you don’t want it going in the water because DAMN are they fast little buggers in water but very slow on land and they’ll only run like not even 4 feet away before stoping so nothing to worry about but as I was saying I arrived at my base and put him in a little 2x4 pen but I won’t be able to tame home for 3 days so I’ll probably knock him out ever once in a while to give him food 🤣 but other wise till then he is my prisoner

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