You can easily find these guys in the swamps I mainly find them in the swamps near green obelisk they usually get attacked by barys kapros sarcos and boas so sometimes they are at low health.

U can build a wooden box just walls JUST WALLS


|_____|. Like that but seal it up. Use and argy or pteranodon to go pic it up

And place it in the trap

If it’s at low health DO NOT TRY TO TAME IT there’s chances it can die straight away wait for it to heal up *which is a pain but worth it*

Feed their preferred kibble **simple kibble** mobile: Archaeopteryx kibble

I recommend prime fish meat that u can easily get by killing saber tooth salmon and collecting it with a metal hatchet

I also recommend prime meat u can get by killing strong Dinos like a paratherium.

U don’t have to use a soothing balm it tames ok /fast-ish

I recommend u have at least 60 Narcotics some bio toxin **just in case**

**bio toxin can be collected by killing jelly fish** and there tamed!

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