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If you are looking to tame one of these, I don’t recommend their native swamps as they tend to get killed midway through the tame. Instead, here is what I would do:

1.Go to whatever dungeon is easiest for you if it is active.

2.Hunt for a Diplocaulus.

3.Kill it and harvest it’s implant.

4.Suicide in the dungeon to be taken back to the island.

5.Check how much amber you have. If you do not have enough, click on the amber icon twice in your inventory. Click on the video add button and watch the entire thing.

6.When the add ends you will be given 15 minutes before you can watch another. To resolve this, open settings and go to general, and then find date and time. Once in there, move the minutes counter forward by 16 minutes. Then watch another add. Repeat until you have the amount the implant wants. (On apple, travel between apps by clicking home arrow twice to bring up the background apps)

7. Travel to the nearest obelisk and revive, bola, Tranquilizer and feed.

Hope it helps.

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