Guys… I was taking a argie and I went out on my pt to…

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Guys… I was taking a argie and I went out on my pt to get some prime meat, found a stego, killed it BUT just as I killed it I hit a dimorphodon, and I was like well, I know there’s tons of warning of how op these guys are but I ignored them and thought my 170 pt would ez kill it but I was wrong. 1st he called in like 3 more, and 2nd they attacked ME not me pt so they broke my flak, chased my pt until he ran out if stamina, THEN I had to slowly fly back to my base (with out sprinting) while they attacked me. By the time I got back to my base I was at 20 hp and 1 shot (I originally had 460hp) but luckily my tames all slaughtered them so lucky I don’t have to include and R.I.Ps in this story. Will DEFINITELY be cautious around these guys in the future tho.


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