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Ok so this is a passive carno. It won’t attack you if you don’t mess with it. If u attack it by urself thought u will die. I learned that the hard way 😂. I live on a beach and I don’t go into the jungle a lot but I needed to hunt some dillos so I went ahead and ran into the jungle with my bow. I didn’t find a dilo but I saw something flying by me so I was like “What” I’m a noob compared to other people so I did the stupid thing and shot it. Soo the arrow didn’t kill it and it started attacking me with its friend. I ran to my camp but I didn’t get there in time and it killed me. They were like giant swarming mosquitos evading my hits. Luckily I died near my camp so I got my stuff then I went on my way embarrassed and guess what? The dimorphs invaded my island home. (It’s a small sand bar you can find it on the mid bottom of the island map.) so I went to tame the one that first attacked me. All I used was one piece of meat and some soothing balm and I had a dimorph.(you don’t NEED a balm but it helps and I had it so 🤷🏻‍♀️) Not only was it a female,I like them cus thy lay eggs, but it was a albino. Don’t have a name yet but I am sure I will love her.

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