So.. When I was semi-noob I always tamed a bunch of these…

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So.. When I was semi-noob I always tamed a bunch of these which was cool, then I bred my first dimorph (Nightodon she’s a female who has cool black color) to another dimorph which was green and then when I was trying to hatch it, I gave up and placed it in my preserving bin. Next was the fall of the squad where they all died to fighting something to the death.. next was losing Nightodon I logged off while she was on my shoulder I looked for ages and couldn’t find her and gave up.. one had the same accident and when I heard attack music I saw a bronto fighting a dimorph and it was one of the dimorphs but died sadly. For years I finally found Nightodon just on the rock islands chilling waiting for my return I took her to my new base and was glad to see her. Then I took the same egg Nightodon laid on my preserving bin and Hatched it with a cooking pot, campfire, and a refining forge. Her name was greenodon after her fathers name.

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