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Here’s a story, I had this Dilo named Venom that I had tamed near my base.

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Here’s a story, I had this Dilo named Venom that I had tamed near my base. I had crossed water to get to Venom and I didn’t have the resources to get Venom back to my base. We were on the shore as I was trying to think of a plan. There was a forest behind us and I mountain blocking us from just walking back. I decided I’d take Venom with me to find a way back across. Then, disaster struck. A carno came out of no where. I ran for my life out of the forest, not checking if Venom was behind me or not. When I got out I realized that Venom had not followed me out of the forest. I thought Venom was dead for some time until I learned how to check if your tame is alive or not (I’m pretty new to the game). Venom was alive. I had gotten a pterodactyl tame named Terraria and got ready to go Venom. I flew to the Forest. I saw the carno I had not seen for some time. I got ready. Then I flew past it. (You thought I would attack that thing?) I found Venom. She was standing in a pretty safe spot for being in the forest. I whistled for her and Terraria to follow me and we raced past the carno once again and out to the beach. I built across the water with most of my resources and got Venom across. I almost cried when I got her safely to my base. Maybe soon I’ll get revenge on that carno for stopping Venom from following me out of the forest.

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