Utility: tame to wipe the server in pvp or

Use it for the king titan

(That’s what I think it is the most useful for)

Personally…..kind of a tease…..

Took me over 2.5 hours to kill it solo with a

(Lv228 fire wyvern 11k health, 339 Melee)

Probably not the best Dino but….I’m glad I didn’t went to get the right Dinos for this one after the loot I got from it.

Loot: primitive tek suit BPs 😑😑😑….

Also had a fob in cliff with a snow owl to retrieve my body and rescue my wyvern when I got unmounted by the flock..

So…. Yeah…if you are patient, pretty easy boss.

Just need to know how to maneuver yourself in the air.

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