My First deinon was hatched with the only intention of…

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My First deinon was hatched with the only intention of doing the temple cave, but not long after i started to use It for hunts, caves and Just running for Fun. I hatched 2 other eggs in the Hope of a female, but instead i got 2 identical deinons, both Green, and i proced to name then both lettuce and spinach. I had a pack. A good pack. BUT... I found the aberrant zone. I Explored It a bit, and found the radiation zone. I obviosliy din't even came close to that place, but then there was a moment i needed to enter there. One of the membrers of the server wanted the Gatekeeper artifact for the Boss, and where offering a baby giga as the reward. I never had much luck finding gigas but in that moment i really wanted one good. My Hope were that my best deinon Wold be able to get the artifact And get out easily. But the game coldon't be more evil and he got stuck in a tree. I wasn't able to even get the artifact, i Just yeeted myself into an Element pool. Today he have It own statue and her brothers around It. I never more Ride a deinon after that, in respect to it

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