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Crystallized Dragons

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Crystallized Dragons

(Honestly don’t know what to title this chapter)

I tamed another wyvren and I went to grab more eggs on crystal isles. So I don’t know what my luck is but I only found four eggs and none of them were above the lvl of 100. I went back to my main server and thought of going to the wyvren nest in rag and before I got there I bet blasted by an electric wyvren. Thank god I had stamina left over or else my wyvren was done for. I also learned that the electric wyvren does torpor as well so good to know. After the wyvren left it was a breeze, I found lvl 170s and 175 eggs and no wyvren was in the lower part of the trench. For some odd reason all of the wyvrens were in the upper part of the trench. (Just for clarification, the upper trench is where the trench is visible from the air while the lower trench is where some of the trench is underground.)

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