Crystallized Dragons

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Crystallized Dragons

Assault on the outpost

I uploaded the items so no one could have taken them. I decided to go for an upgrade and started taming crystal wyvrens with primal crystal. I saw an outpost with a para so I knew it was still in use. I saw the owner of the outpost dead so I knew he wasn’t coming back anytime soon. I tamed a para so I can gather berries for tranquilizing arrows. I saw a lvl 145 wyvren so I got to work and started knocking out low lvl wyvrens. I left my para and Crystal at the outpost and the para died from a lvl 217 crystal wyvren. I was close by so I flew back and I saw someone attacking Crystal. I came on to aid her and I tried grabbing the person who was riding the wyvren but he escaped. It turns out that he was taming the lvl 145 wyvren I craved for and he was also the owner of the outpost so my luck that he was close by the entire time. Once our conflict was over, he flew off but I didn’t chase him. I still needed a saddle so I just ended his para’s life, so I called it even. But I decided that it was better to transfer to my main server before I lose everything.

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