Crystallized Dragons

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Crystallized Dragons


While riding sea-spray, I was trying to scout out any good base locations in the snow biome when I noticed a beautiful, gorgeous lvl 150 mana peacefully roaming though is artificial habitat. I only hat tranq arrows on me and I thought “must tame creature”. Before I could even shoot someone grabbed off sea-spray with an Argy. Immediately, I pulled out my pike and started jabbing into that creature’s body and he let me go. As I free falled to my death I de-cryoed Mr. Gibbs. (Sorry, my friend tamed 2 new crystal wyvrens the same day this happened. [I will write about them shortly after.]). I just managed to hop on him before I gave the floor a new paint job and we took off. I whistled Sea-spray to follow as I planned to on the offensive. I waited for my cryo timer to go down as I unleashed Windreaper. I charged into battle only to get bolad off my wyvren, whoever the enemy was really didn’t want me getting close to that mana. I whistled the wyvrens to go attack the enemy. They didn’t last a minute. Once we settled down after the fight, they did half of my work for me by trapping the mana. As I started to knock out the mana, it’s friends came and control alt deleted me. I quickly run back only to see my wyvrens just sitting there waiting to die. The only one fighting back was Mr. Gibbs but he even lost his will to live. At the end of the day, I tamed the mana, but a what cost...

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